Using Avon’s “Fast Talk” Order System

Using Avon's Fast Talk Ordering System

In the “old” days Avon used to use a system called “Fast Talk” to place the orders. An Avon representative would have a list of their products along with the item number and quantity #.  The representative would place a phone call to the Avon’s “Fast Talk” number and leave a message with the particulars of their order.  Then they would send the payment to Avon in the mail.

I have it on good authority that before this, representatives would actually use Snail Mail to totally place the order.  Horrors !  🙂

Avon’s been upgrading our website now for the past year, but in the meantime we (the Avon representatives) are experiencing some difficulties in placing our orders.  Some of the more experienced reps are suggesting that we use Avon’s “Fast Talk” order system to place our orders.

Here’s how to use it:

Courtesy of Lisa Monoson from Team Money Makers

  1. Call the Customer Number from one of your old invoices;
  2. Enter your account number (you should get a confirmation that you’ve accessed your account);
  3. Enter your menu choice – you should be able to order, pay your bill, and find out if they have a product (among other options on Fast Talk’

NOTE: 1 = yes; 2 = no; use your numeric keypad for numbers; speak normally and distinctly but in a quiet area.

Fast Talk Flyer from Avon on Using Fast Talk (old flyer but lots of detailed information)

Other tips  — use your order books to keep paper copies of your customer orders, write down all the information of the items ordered (description AND item number AND Campaign/flyer #) along with the price on the order forms, don’t forget to make out an order for yourself (on paper) and include the item numbers for the brochures/flyers as well.

I almost had to use this system myself after waiting for almost an hour on the phone, but the computer system came back up.  I realized that since I never used “Fast Talk” that I didn’t know how.

Any tips that you have for using this system, please comment below.  Thanks.


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