Tips for How to Start Your Avon Business

When I started my Avon business, I found that I had a lot of questions.  And sometimes I didn’t discover that I had a question until I made a mistake.  I had no experience in sales other than selling to my family and friends when I was a Girl Scout and then for my son when he was in Cub/Boy Scouts.  There were some how to sites but they were geared more towards those who have sold before.  So I started keeping notes or tips to share to others on how to start your Avon business. And I am sharing them with you.

How to Start:

Selling Avon is totally different than selling for a cause.  Everyone knows the Avon name, but instead of  selling once and done (like a classroom fund raiser), you have a new brochure coming out every two weeks.  And usually it has a new product in it for you to learn about.

How to start your Avon business-when I started, I had a lot of questions.Sometimes, I didn't know enough 2 ask the RIGHT question.Let me help. Gato
Tips to help you run your Avon Business

I’ve now sold Avon for two years.  Below are some of the articles I have written about during those two years.

Starting Your Avon Business on a Budget [Part I] [START HERE to learn how to start your Avon business ]

Starting Your Avon Business on a Budget [Part II] [After you complete your first campaign]

Tips for Your Own Avon Business [This Page]

Five Tips for New Avon Representatives [Vocabulary, Facebook Groups, Bookkeeping]

Five Additional Tips for Avon Representatives  [Supplies to Buy, Cheap “Avon” Outfits, Brochure Mailing]

Tips for Working Your Avon Business on a Budget [Using Samples to Get Sales, List of Helpful Videos]

Additional Helpful Advice:


Five Websites to Make Your Avon Business, Better [General Tips from different people to help your business]

How to Use Avon’s “Fast-Talk” Ordering System [When the online order system is down, how to use the backup order system]

You CAN Learn How to Sell Avon Online [Resources that will help you successfully sell online]

General Business Tips:

Do You Want Chips with Your Dip? or More Information about the Chip Credit Card [Information about accepting credit card payments]

Easy SEO for Your Small Business [Search Engine Optimization – Without this no one will find your online business]

Five Marketing Tips for Your Small Business [An Article on how to market your “small” business]

Tips for Your WordPress Blog [If you use wordpress for your Avon fan page, here’s some tips and plugins you might find helpful]

Books  – How to Start Your Avon Business:


Avon Selling Secrets has good, basic strategies all condensed down into a book form.  You can also find this information on the internet but scattered across several different websites.  It’s always good to have a basic book to refer to once you are starting out.

View from the Top has additional, higher level strategies but it’s main gem is to introduce you to the current Avon gurus.  The ladies who are making a lot of money selling Avon and their back stories.  It’s a have to read book whether you read it Free if you are an Amazon Prime member, or just want to buy a book to mark it all up (like I do) for study and research purposes.

How to Make President’s Club is one that I would recommend viewing for Free on Amazon Prime first before you decide whether to purchase this book.  There are some good tips, but it is up to you to decide if they are worth the price of the book.

These are the three books I used in the beginning of my business.  I purchased the first and third.  The second one I won in a contest.  If you have any books that you would recommend for new OR seasoned Avon Independent Representatives, please leave a comment below.  Thanks.

P.S. The book links are affiliate links.


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