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You CAN Learn How to Sell Avon Online

The Issue — How to Sell Avon Online

Are you wanting to know how to sell Avon online? Have you tried selling Avon online but didn’t have any luck? Did you try blogging and talking on social media about Avon but gave up in frustration? Did you start with Avon cause you clicked on an ad asking “How can I Make Money Online?”

Are you wanting to know how to sell Avon online? Need a flexible job ? Varied hours? Overtime interfering with family life? Find out about selling Avon from Gato.Yep, I hear you.  Two years ago, I clicked on a local Ad on Facebook that talked about selling Avon online.  For those of you that don’t know what Avon is – they are a cosmetics company.  A very long-lived company that now sells skin care, jewelry, clothing and much more.

I have been selling Avon 2 years now, and though I have had a few online sales and met some customers online through social media, the majority of my Avon business has been through the traditional Avon model of face-to-face sales. Not through online sales.

Traditional Avon Business Techniques

Big Basket Example - Are you wanting to know how to sell Avon online? Need a flexible job ?; varied hours? Overtime interfering with family life? Find out about selling Avon from Gato.
Big Basket Example

For many months after starting our Avon business, at the direction of our leader, we tried different ways to increase our traditional Avon business.  We did not do the “ding,dong” Avon calling as we could not afford the $300 a year peddler’s license that our city required. The traditional selling kept us so busy that we did not do much to learn how to sell Avon online.

We increased every month the number of brochures we sold and passed out.  That worked so well that we usually ended up getting a new customer every campaign.

We set up tables at various local events.  Those worked as we made a few sales and sometimes got at least one new customer.

We made up some baskets for Christmas and also put them out when we were setting up.  We also advertised them for sale on our local Facebook Buy Sell Trade.  The baskets did not go over well in our area. However, we did end up with a few local customers who contacted us through Facebook.

We went into several businesses in the area, particularly physician and dentist offices.  Not only did we gain clients from brochures left in the offices, but we also gained clients from employees of the businesses.You Can Learn how to Sell Avon Online - Gato

However,  our expenses often exceeded our sales.  We spent more on brochures and gas than and other expenses than what we earned.  Why?  Because of where our clients were located.  And because of my physical inability to scale up our business.


Traditional Avon Techniques Didn’t Work for Us

They didn’t work not because they weren’t good techniques.  They didn’t work because I have health issues that severely limit my physical ability to scale up my business to profitable levels.  For example, I cannot tolerate heat or cold so that means sitting up tables at fairs are out.  I cannot be upright in a chair for more than an hour or two so that means sitting up tables at indoor fairs are out.

The way we usually sold Avon was by taking the brochures with us as we went about going to doctor’s offices and restaurants (afterwards).  In that way, I have had a lot of success selling Avon (person-to-person), with the help of my husband (who is also an Avon Representative).


Even Though You Want to Help People, You Have to at Least “Break Even”

Yet in order for your business to be profitable, your income has to outweigh your expenses.

So in order to increase your income, you have to:

  • increase your customers,
  • increase the amount of each of your customers’ orders,
  • or find a way to decrease your expenditures.

By building our Avon business the way we did – we have a lot of out-of-town clients who I have to service and the gas ends up costing me more money than what I make on the sales.

You Can Sell Avon - just watch your expenses. Gato http://fouracesmercantile.comI have attempted to change my clients over to online ones.  So far they have resisted my efforts to change them into online Avon customers.  However, after filing taxes with another year’s loss, we had to do something different.

Thus, I have recently ended my person-to-person Avon business and have switched totally to online.  Now I have to rebuild my Avon business.  And I have been looking for more specific ways on how to sell Avon online.

Traditional Avon Techniques Do Work for a Lot of Representatives

I can see how the person-to-person Avon business could be a tremendous business if I could limit it to just my local area.  People are constantly looking for a RELIABLE Avon Lady.  You just have to find these people; Avon usually sells itself.  Your experience and salesmanship and customer service bring them back again and again.

Another Tip for Your Avon Business -- If Your Delivery Day Falls on Halloween, dress Up ! Gato
Here’s How I Scared my Avon Clients – delivering Avon to clients on Halloween

But it takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to build up your clientele.  This business is like any type of real business, it takes time (and a bit of money) to grow.  Plus a whole lot of effort on your part and creative thinking (if you are growing it on a budget).

Avon itself has a lot of training modules to help you in building a traditional Avon business.  And there are a lot of Facebook groups and well-known Avon gurus out there to help you as well.

However, If you have an illness that impacts your stamina, then you might have problems with building a traditional Avon business. Not every [Avon] customer orders in every campaign; so you have to build a big enough client database so that you have a profitable order every campaign.

And that means you constantly (at least in the beginning) have to be building your customer base.


Selling Avon Online

Avon provides you with your own EStore when you sign up to sell Avon.  There is NO EXTRA charge for having or maintaining this website.  In fact, except for certain customization areas, Avon will maintain this  EStore for you as long as you remain an Avon Representative.  The EStore is where you sell all your Avon products when you sell online.  The place where your customers check out and pay for their products.

HOWEVER, unlike all the instructions you get for building your “Traditional Avon” person to person business you get very little instruction on online selling. And what you do get, well, is less than helpful.

Avon website backoffice - Are you wanting to know how to sell Avon online? Need a flexible job ?; varied hours? Overtime interfering with family life? Find out about selling Avon from Gato.There is training on:

  • How to Customize Your Estore
  • How to Post to Social Media

There are tools to:

  • Automatically send out Emails to Your Customers
  • Manage the Customers You Have

But except for one new training that was just posted, there has been a lack of detailed “Avon” training about how to sell Avon online.

There is one gal who teaches a lot about how to sell Avon online. Her name is Emily Seagren and she runs Makeup Marketing Online.  I have taken many of her free classes and they have been very helpful.  She also has paid courses for selling online.  I have not taken them, but hope to in the future.


No “Avon” Courses Explained the Actual Practical “HOW to” Build an Online Business

However, none of these courses that I have seen from Avon or experienced from Emily got into the nitty gritty of HOW you get traffic (massive amounts) to your website.  The practical of do “x” and you get “y”.Your tomorrows can be better with Avon

The only nitty gritty “HOW” courses I took was from a couple of ladies who were not involved with Avon.  And the courses were on Pinterest.  However, those courses did not teach the nitty gritty of how to get the traffic from Pinterest to your website, but I digress.

Most of the Avon trainings I have seen —  just say build the online content and they (your customers) will come. . .

Nothing about what content, how to structure your content, what are key words, why they are important.

How to build a relationship with your online audience.

What is an online audience?

And the many, many other details you must know in order to know how to sell Avon online, successfully.

Two Years of Effort

Making the wrong click on a computer - can lead no where. Are you wanting to know how to sell Avon online? Need a flexible job ?; varied hours? Overtime interfering with family life? Find out about selling Avon from Gato.
Dreamstime Stock Photos

Now I have been at this (selling Avon online) for two years.  I have been reading and trying to educate myself on these issues on and off during that two years.  I like to think of myself as being intelligent (I have a few college degrees), but the knowledge I gained from reading various articles and taking various courses, well . . . it wasn’t sticking.

There is too much to know and absorb.  I mean since I am doing this on a budget (building my business), I can’t hire out a web designer, a graphic artist, a programmer, an advertising person, and a SEO (search engine optimization) expert.

These are all full-time jobs in and of themselves.

I know you’ve seen the ads on Facebook for courses that will teach you how to start an online business for $2500. Or more recently there have been courses that will teach you to build a course so you can teach others how to build a business.  And for only $5000.  Sheesh!

I was just about to give up in defeat when a Pastor (who I had met on the internet), pointed out a program that he belonged to.  It’s called, “Wealthy Affiliate”.

Wealthy Affiliate

Don’t let the name put you off.  My friend warned me that the name itself was offputting and I must admit I let it do so for me for a while.  But then I got a link that advised me it was FREE to try out the training.  I even googled the name (and saw some disturbing reviews).  But I thought that at least by getting in FREE, I could check out what the fuss was about.  So I did — I Jumped In.


At Wealthy Affiliate, we can help you learn HOW to sell and make money online. Gato


I’m Glad I Did !

I got access to new training – that was geared at my level of learning (newbie level).  It has practical information that can be used to build your online Avon business.  After the FREE intro, there is a membership fee but you also get (in addition to the ongoing teaching), state of the art hosting for a Avon Fan page where you can blog about Avon’s products thus driving more traffic to your EStore.

WA tells & shows you how to build an online business,  step by step.  Practical tips & tricks.  Support as you go along in your journey.  And there’s a network of knowledgeable people that you can reach out to.

They can also show you how to build several different online businesses – not just Avon.  At no extra cost.  Their advice is to diversify so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.  Right now I am reworking my Avon Fan website based on the information I have learned.  I am learning and understanding SEO (that crazy google analytics stuff).

And now I have people to reach out to ask a “tech” question if something breaks.

How can WA help you?  Join for free and find out for yourself. Do you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate? Please check my FAQ page about WA [in progress] for more information or drop me a line.


Your Comments & Thanks for Reading !

I know I have been long -winded here.  Thank you for reading to the end.  What have your experiences been in learning how to sell Avon online?  Do you have any tips for selling Avon online?  Let me know below in the comments section.


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P.S. The WA links are affiliate links but this does not affect my recommendation of this program.

Five Websites to Make Your Avon Business Better

Five Websites that Can Help You to Grow Your Avon Business for Beauty Bosses. Click thru to see these sites, today!

We all want our Avon business to succeed.  Avon wants your business to succeed.  Your Mom wants your business to succeed. I want you to better your Avon business.

So what do you do when your Mom and her friends have had enough of buying from your brochures?

You have to get customers.  And lots of them.  Because not everyone will buy from you in every campaign.  Nor will they buy in every other campaign.  I have talked in other articles about Working Your Avon Business on a Budget  and Favorite Tips for Word Press Blogs .

As for selling Avon online,  I have pointed out what Facebook groups you should join.  And what Avon gurus you should follow.

But is that the limit of all knowledge of selling Avon online?????


When you sign up to sell Avon, you get a free Avon website as well.  But it is not a case of if you build it, they will come.  You have to get people, and not necessarily people that you know, to come to your website.

To come to your specific Avon website versus everyone else’s Avon website.  Easy, peasy?

Nope – it ain’t.

There are many ways you can drive or persuade people to go check out your Avon website.  Social Media posts are just the tip of the proverbial ice berg.  There are many other ways, such as websites, business cards, car signs, traditional advertising, but that’s for another article.

Typing Away when your business gets busy
© CreateHER Stock –

Ok here it is:

My List of Five Websites That Can Make Your Avon Business Better

and get information that is usable for your Avon business:

#1 – Marketing Creatively by Lisa Jacobs

She has a lot of information on her website about marketing.  But on this page she talks about How to Develop an Instagram following which would be pretty helpful for a visual business like beauty and cosmetics.

#2 – Grow Your Business Network by Miranda Nahmias 

Talking about gaining followers leads me into another topic that is always helpful – networking.  Do you realize that people talk to one another about you and your business?  Do you also realize that might be a GOOD thing?  Networking allows you to extend your reach into a market or an audience that you wouldn’t normally reach.

#3 – How To Increase Your Small Business Sales Online by Hoovers

Hoovers is a business that collects information on businesses. But they also have information and education about marketing and doing business research.  They also suggest that businesses need to have an online presence and since your Avon website is limited in what you can customize, that means you have to have your own website that provides information to your customer and funnels traffic to your Avon website (thus hopefully making the sale).

#4 – My Favorite Resources to Help You Grow Your Business by Miranda Nahmias

You have to forgive me for listing Miranda twice, but this second page has a LOT of good information she’s accumulated for business beginners and for those who just want to grow their business.

#5 – Are Your Blog Posts Holding Back Your Business by The BadAss Business Mum

If you are worried about what and how you are going to blog, she’s got the answer for you.  And yes, selling Avon means you will have to blog in some way or fashion.  And the best way to do that is from your own website, rather than relying on Facebook, or Twitter, or another social media platform.  But that is in another upcoming article.

#6 – Beauty with a Purpose by Avon LLC

Give a woman the Right Lipstick . . , and she can conquer the world
Give a woman the Right Lipstick . .

Ok now that I am done listing Non Avon sites, here’s an Avon Site to help you in developing your Boss Life Avon business.  And it isn’t listed on your avon ‘s website.  It is the Empowerment section from The Beauty with a Purpose website.

Whew! There’s a lot of information on those sites.  It will take days for you to go through it all.  PLEASE post below in comments if you’ve found a particular site that was helpful for you from the ones I listed OR if you have a different site to suggest.

Thanks for reading!


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