How to Survive the Summer Concert Heat — Beautifully

I live in the Southern part of the United States.  Alabama to be exact.  And if there is one thing we have in the summertime, it is HEAT.  And HUMIDITY.

Ok that is two things. That makes it difficult to keep makeup on and to protect our skin.  But it isn’t impossible. I want to show you how to survive the summer concert heat beautifully.


Having Your Hair Up in a Ponytail DOES NOT MEAN You have no STYLE
Having Your Hair Up in a Ponytail DOES NOT MEAN You have no STYLE

In the summer heat or at a concert what don’t you want?  Your hair in your face or hot on your neck.  So that’s a great time to wear your hair up in a pony tail or a messy bun.  Stick some flowers in your hair to dress it up.  Go crazy with hair color.


There is a lot of debate about whether a hat can keep you cooler.  However, this company claims that their hats DO keep you cooler with their cooler pack that can be placed up inside the crown.  Sounds like a plan to keep you cool at those extremely hot festival days.

The hat will also help protect your face from the sun’s rays and sunglasses will protect your eyes from the glare.

Coolhat -- a Hat to Keep You Cool
Coolhat — a Hat to Keep You Cool


Cotton clothing !  Natural fibers allow your skin to breathe.  However, it is a myth that certain clothes colors that attract mosquitoes.  It is also a myth that type O blood is more attractive to mosquitoes.

BUT men are more likely to be bit as this CNN article states.  They are a bigger target and may produce more scents that make them attractive to the mosquito. And the only thing you can do to protect yourself is to wear long sleeved shirts and long pants, as well as insect repellent like our Bug Guard line from Avon’s Skin So Soft (some of our Bug Guard lines also includes SPF)

A Cooling Neckerchief that You can Tie around your neck, place over your head, or use on your pet.
A Cooling Neckerchief that You can Tie around your neck, place over your head, or use on your pet.

Use a cooling neckerchief.  Tied or draped around your neck, it can make a difference in whether you can stay and watch those mid – day concerts.


Check the list of features — most new liquid foundations have SPF (sun protection factor) as one of their features.  But, don’t rely on foundation alone to protect your face.  Make sure that you use some type of moisturizer on your face with an SPF factor, even if your complexion is oily. In 20 years, you will be thanking your younger self.

Avon Bug Guard with IR3535 (NO DEET) Gato
Avon Bug Guard with IR3535 (NO DEET) (body lotion). Click Here to go to Avon & search for Bug Guard


You will need a total SPF factor of 25 to protect your face.  Or you could skip foundation all together and use a BB Cream or a CC Cream which combines moisturizer and foundation in one.

For your body SPF lotion, check the link I have above for Avon’s Bug Guard lotion.  This lotion has an SPF of 30 and uses IR3535 to repel insects like mosquitoes.  AND it doesn’t smell coco-nutty. So even the guys will like it.


You will have to decide the amount of makeup you will want to put on.  If you are going to be out in the sun all day without access to a mirror, you might want to just do a quick eye make-up and a lip balm with a touch of color.

Mark (from Avon) has a line of products called “Hook Ups”, that allow you to connect an eyeshadow container to a lip balm & then put it in your pocket. No purse required.  Check out our article on this product. Oh, and the gal up above who has her hair up, is wearing the Mark “Hook Ups” makeup.

If you will have a chance to check your makeup occasionally in the mirror, and prefer a full makeup look.  I would do the following makeup:

  • primer
  • eye primer
  • cc cream
  • waterproof mascara
  • waterproof eyeliner
  • facial mist (spray bottle of water to mist your face lightly if you get warm)
Swim Cindy
Avon Eye makeup still on after 2015 Memorial Day Swim


What you should be drinking to keep hydrated depends on what activity you are doing.  If you are simply watching music festivals, drinking water is fine. However, if you are a musician at one of these festivals and are playing, especially in the heat of the day, you might want to consider drinking Gatorade.

Water is Usually Best to Drink to Stay Hydrated, But Not Always
Water is Usually Best to Drink to Stay Hydrated, But Not Always

In neither case should you be drinking alcohol.  Alcohol is dehydrating.  For exact recommendations of what you should be consuming based on your activity, check this article out.


Extras to Take if Camping

There are a lot of pinterest tips on camping out at festivals.  Please visit our Pinterest Boards to see those tips.
If you have access to a shower at your camping area, I would suggest you have a tote to carry your stuff to and from the shower area.  Avon has a great tote for this purpose with tiny mesh holes so water does not accumulate and cause smelly mold.


This tote keeps your Stuff Corralled.
This Avon tote keeps your Stuff Corralled.

If you don’t have access to a shower in your camping area, then I would suggest that you bring a dry shampoo and a nice body spray.  You might want to bring extras for those friends who forgot theirs.


Cindy Peterson
Avon Independent Sales Representative
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