Do you Want Dip with Those Chips ? New Credit Cards

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We Accept Credit Cards –In Person and on Our E-Store

The new credit cards are coming out with EMV – what is EMV?  Well EMV is short for Europay, Mastercard, & Visa.  All of the new cards will come with a computer chip. That will make it harder for them to be counterfeited.

When this crossover occurs (October 2015), all of the newly issued credit cards will no longer be swipeable.  The credit card will have to be dipped.  And thus the current credit card readers (which are swipers) will have to be updated.  And you as a small business owner (including Avon Independent Sales Representatives) are liable if you fail to switch your processing equipment to the new credit card dipper.  Square has more information on the equipment and the liability here.

Yes Dip
No more swiping, just dipping your credit card


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