Five Websites to Make Your Avon Business Better

Five Websites that Can Help You to Grow Your Avon Business for Beauty Bosses. Click thru to see these sites, today!

We all want our Avon business to succeed.  Avon wants your business to succeed.  Your Mom wants your business to succeed. I want you to better your Avon business.

So what do you do when your Mom and her friends have had enough of buying from your brochures?

You have to get customers.  And lots of them.  Because not everyone will buy from you in every campaign.  Nor will they buy in every other campaign.  I have talked in other articles about Working Your Avon Business on a Budget  and Favorite Tips for Word Press Blogs .

As for selling Avon online,  I have pointed out what Facebook groups you should join.  And what Avon gurus you should follow.

But is that the limit of all knowledge of selling Avon online?????


When you sign up to sell Avon, you get a free Avon website as well.  But it is not a case of if you build it, they will come.  You have to get people, and not necessarily people that you know, to come to your website.

To come to your specific Avon website versus everyone else’s Avon website.  Easy, peasy?

Nope – it ain’t.

There are many ways you can drive or persuade people to go check out your Avon website.  Social Media posts are just the tip of the proverbial ice berg.  There are many other ways, such as websites, business cards, car signs, traditional advertising, but that’s for another article.

Typing Away when your business gets busy
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Ok here it is:

My List of Five Websites That Can Make Your Avon Business Better

and get information that is usable for your Avon business:

#1 – Marketing Creatively by Lisa Jacobs

She has a lot of information on her website about marketing.  But on this page she talks about How to Develop an Instagram following which would be pretty helpful for a visual business like beauty and cosmetics.

#2 – Grow Your Business Network by Miranda Nahmias 

Talking about gaining followers leads me into another topic that is always helpful – networking.  Do you realize that people talk to one another about you and your business?  Do you also realize that might be a GOOD thing?  Networking allows you to extend your reach into a market or an audience that you wouldn’t normally reach.

#3 – How To Increase Your Small Business Sales Online by Hoovers

Hoovers is a business that collects information on businesses. But they also have information and education about marketing and doing business research.  They also suggest that businesses need to have an online presence and since your Avon website is limited in what you can customize, that means you have to have your own website that provides information to your customer and funnels traffic to your Avon website (thus hopefully making the sale).

#4 – My Favorite Resources to Help You Grow Your Business by Miranda Nahmias

You have to forgive me for listing Miranda twice, but this second page has a LOT of good information she’s accumulated for business beginners and for those who just want to grow their business.

#5 – Are Your Blog Posts Holding Back Your Business by The BadAss Business Mum

If you are worried about what and how you are going to blog, she’s got the answer for you.  And yes, selling Avon means you will have to blog in some way or fashion.  And the best way to do that is from your own website, rather than relying on Facebook, or Twitter, or another social media platform.  But that is in another upcoming article.

#6 – Beauty with a Purpose by Avon LLC

Give a woman the Right Lipstick . . , and she can conquer the world
Give a woman the Right Lipstick . .

Ok now that I am done listing Non Avon sites, here’s an Avon Site to help you in developing your Boss Life Avon business.  And it isn’t listed on your avon ‘s website.  It is the Empowerment section from The Beauty with a Purpose website.

Whew! There’s a lot of information on those sites.  It will take days for you to go through it all.  PLEASE post below in comments if you’ve found a particular site that was helpful for you from the ones I listed OR if you have a different site to suggest.

Thanks for reading!


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