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Tips to help brand new Avon Representatives get their beautiful business off to a good start - Gato -
Help for New Avon Representatives

The following are five tips for new Avon representatives.  I came up with this list as I was learning to be “The Avon Lady.”

I have never sold items in my life.  Even when I brought home brochures from school about fundraisers, I just got my Mom and my family members to buy.  When I was an adult Cub Scout leader, we sold popcorn, but again it was just to people we knew.  So signing up and selling Avon has been a new experience.

5.  Initials or Keywords.  There are so many things to learn:

SSS– Skin So Soft, the original product was bath oil

RPS– Representative processing schedule, which simply tells you when your order is due.  There are many different order times in the USA.

LOA– length of association, how long you have been in Avon, (and it’s counted by campaigns),

Campaigns- Are the length of time that a sales period for Avon lasts.  It is usually a two week period. 

Upline– this is what we call the leader/recruiter who signed you up, or if you signed online, the person you signed up under.  And so on up the food chain.

Downline– those are representatives you sign up underneath you.  They are on your team, and we are referring to your team members as your downline

On time order– that simply means placing your order on the day that your RPS states you should

4.  Sites that list tips to grow your Avon Business:

3.  Bookkeeping for Your New Avon Business:

2. Facebook Groups to Join:

  • Avon Flyers by Alicia
  • Makeup Marketing Online
  • Success with Scola
  • Life, Laugh, Lipstick
  • Avon Outlet
  • Lisa’s Campaign Connections
  • Your local district Facebook groups

And the #1 website for help setting up and running your Avon business  replace the underline with your name that you signed up under


UPDATE: March 26, 2016 — Here’s a link to a website with good information for new representatives – Moxie Maven Beauty

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