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More Tips for New Avon Sales Representatives by Gato
Additional Helpful Tips for Avon Representatives

While I was working on my first list of Five Tips, I began thinking of more tips – New Avon Representatives.  But I did not want a book, so I split them up into two posts:

5.  Sending out campaign brochures –  sometimes people just want a physical brochure to look at but they don’t live close enough to you for it to be feasible to drive and give them a copy.  You could go mail a brochure yourself; I just did that and it cost me a total of $2.35 OR you could hire one of these two mailer outfits and let them handle the hassle and save yourself some time and money:

Consultant Depot, Inc. [Now Closed]

Campaign Mailer

4.  Avon Shopping Bags — the below image shows the item numbers for you to order the shopping bags [under sales tools on your avon representative webpage] which you will need to bag up your clients’ orders.  The image also shows visually the different sizes of the bags.  From largest to smallest:  907-085 [16″ W x 6″ D x 12″ H]; 907-070 [10″ W x 5″ D x 12″ H]; 907-066 [8″ W x 4 1/2″ D x 9 7/8″ H]; 907-051 [5 1/4″ W x 3 1/4″ D x 6 1/2″ H]; 20 lb popcorn bags 907-119 Good for shoes [6 1/3″W x 4″D x 13″]; 10 lb popcorn bags 432-816 [5 3/16″W x 3 5/16″D x 16 1/4″H] ; 2 lb popcorn bags  907-090 [4 1/16″W x 2 5/8″ D x 7 7/8″ H] .

Avon Shopping Bags
Different Size Avon Bags for Different Uses


3.  Going to thrift stores to outfit yourself for your Avon business — although going to Town & Country and buying out their store is one way to get started with Avon clothing and other items, it is NOT the only way you can get started.  One way is by going to thrift stores.  I bought the below bag which I use for carrying my old brochures, my bank bag, my order book, my Avon binder, a pink notebook at a THRIFT STORE for $6.  Not only did I get a deal, I supported my local Hospice group:

Flower Tote Bag
My thrifted bag — just screams AVON


2.  You can also buy pink shirts at thrift stores and either buy iron on letters at places like Hobby Lobby or Michaels and make your own “Avon” shirt.  OR you can make your own outfits be “Avon” outfits by purchasing and wearing some Avon buttons. Check out my Pinterest page for some items I think that can work for us Southern Avon Sales Representatives.

Avon Lady Button
Button from


1.  Training — Avon offers some of the best FREE training in the world.  And right now the emphasis is on Anew Skin Care.  The basic class that leads to a title of Anew Skin Care Specialist is FREE.  That’s right — go to your Avon University page and look for it.  After completing that class, please sign up for the Anew Specialists Facebook group and see how Avon can help your business grow.  Avon skin care customers are the most loyal.  And during the class you can see how you can help your clients with great products and they can help you with your bottom line.

Okay that’s all I have at the moment.  I hope these tips helped you!

Cindy Peterson aka Gato
Anew Skin Care Expert
Avon Independent Sales Representative

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