Cowgirl Western Wear that Makes YOU Sassy!

I love cowgirl western wear ! Don’t you?  But sometimes my budget doesn’t allow me to get everything I want.  And sometimes I just have a hard time finding out what is out there.  I mean I find a perfect skirt, but can’t find a pair of boots at my local store that will match it!  But instead of flipping thru lots of western catalogs, I turn to another love —

I love Pinterest ! It’s great for browsing for clothes. Just type in a color and the word “boots” and you will find tons of neat boots that you didn’t even know existed.  There is some awesome cowgirl western wear out there.

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We’ve put together our own outfits.  And we answer the always important question – can I wear cowboy boots with this dress?  Check the outfits we’ve put together in the links below and let me know what you think


Western Wear

Cowgirl Jewelry


I have some tips that have helped me to buy cowgirl western wear on a budget. I hope they help you. And if you have your own tips – please share them in the comments area.

Tip for Buying Boots on a Budget

These boots by Dan Post are striking.  I tried on almost everything in the store before I found these.  I have a high arch and nothing was fitting until I found these.  And the only reason I found them in my price range was because the sales lady took me over to the kids’ boots area.  Yep, I wear a 7-8 in a ladies cowgirl boot but a 6 in a girls’ boot.  I got them at a price of $99.  The price for the ladies cowgirl boots was $229.  The only difference is that the girls cowgirl boots are slightly shorter in the shaft than the ladies cowgirl boots.

Dan Post Anthem boots - cowgirl western wear
I own a pair of these boots! Get a pair for yourself from Sheplers today! Just click on the boots.

Another Tip for Buying Cowgirl Western Wear on a Budget

I like to shop at thrift stores and yard sales. Occasionally, I run across cowgirl western wear a LOT cheaper than they are in a store. This denim duster I picked up at one thrift store for $10. Isn’t that a steal for cowgirl clothing? The shirt (a cruel girl shirt) I picked up at another store for $2. I mean I couldn’t pay the tax with $2 in a regular cowgirl clothing store. The boots are my kick around boots. And the hat I “shopped” from my husband. 🙂

Gato dressed up in her Cowgirl western wear
This is one of my Cowgirl Outfits as “Gato del Mal” for SASS

A Third Tip for Buying Cowgirl Western Wear on a Budget

Sometimes you have to shop at places that you don’t normally think of when you plan on shopping for a cowgirl outfit. One place that quickly comes to mind is . . . “Avon”. AVON? Really? YEP !

Avon has other products along with the cosmetics necessities. You don’t go out dancing without your lipstick, do you? Avon also offers jewelry. And occasionally they offer western style jewelry. AT A REASONABLE PRICE.




For example, coming up in Avon on my site starting 5/23/17 NOW HERE is the Western Summer Collection:

Coming Summer 2017 - Avon Western Collection of Jewelry
Coming Summer 2017


Cowgirl Hand Bags at a Discount (4th Tip)

Sometimes you find Cowgirl Western wear at a discount online store that sells other styles, not just cowgirl western wear.  I found this handbag at Bloomingdale’s.

Rebecca Minkoff Western Crossbody purse. Click thru now to get this awesome purse at a great price.
Rebecca Minkoff Western Crossbody – Genuine Leather 52″ strap – Big Brown Bag Sale! Save up to 60% when you take an extra 20% off almost all sale items at Use promo code BIGBAG at checkout. Offer valid through May 29.
Silhouette for the Western Purse
With the long strap, this Western Crossbody bag from Rebecca Minkoff hits about the hip.










Great Western Deals

I Snagged from Avon over the years -below is an example:



Till next time !

Some of our Links Are Affiliate Links
Some Links Are Affiliate Links

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