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Hi, I am Cindy Peterson, also known as Gato.  My husband, William (Bill) Schulze and I run Four Aces Mercantile. We sell Avon online, particularly Anew skin care products to help our friends combat the signs of aging and protect from the sun’s damaging effects.  If  you have any questions about Avon or skin care feel free to email us.  I am a certified Avon Anew Skin Care Expert, but I can advise you on all of Avon’s skin care products.  You can also use our contact form:

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By sending us a note, you are Not signing up for our Avon Cowgirl Community. But I’d like you to take advantage of a Freebie! A free Skin Care online evaluation.  Just follow the instructions below:

You can also go to our Estore at then click on Skin Care (link), then click on Skin Care Advisor (in the left-hand column), to go to an online FREE skin care consultation courtesy of Avon.


Gato & Four Aces

My husband, William (Bill) Schulze and I run Four Aces Mercantile and will be shortly working on our new adventure — called The F.A.R.M. We both love history and we take part in two historical hobbies.  Bill got involved in a competitive shooting competition known as “cowboy shooting” shortly after our wedding in 2014. Basically, everyone dresses up in 1800s – 1900s outfits and then shoots at targets using firearms of that era.

Bill Taking Aim at the Target
He Shoots ! He Scores !


All shooters have to come up with a nickname”.  Bill’s is ‘Four Aces’ and mine is ‘Gato del Mal’ (Bad Kitty).  I don’t shoot, but I enjoy watching the competitions, so I have joined as well.  If you’d like to know more about this unusual sport, please click on this link to SASS (Single Action Shooting Society).  And PLEASE support Bill’s habit by clicking on the ammunition below and purchasing your cowboy mounted shooting supplies from Brownell’s.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Supplies
Takes Special Ammunition. Click above to get your ammo from Brownells

For More Information about Cowboy

Action Shooting, click on this book (affiliate link).

Cowboy Mounted Shooting

There are also cowboys who shoot while riding their horses.  It is called Cowboy Mounted Shooting. ?

For your supplies for this sport, I ask that you get all of your cowboy mounted shooting supplies from Brownell’s (Yes it is an affiliate link – how else do you think we can afford this sport?)

Civil War History

Bill is also involved in Civil War History and is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans group, Capt John Rayburn Camp 452.  This group also involves wearing of costumes as they often stage living history demonstrations and many members take part in reenactments of battles (in full costume/uniform).

A 21 Gun Salute with a canon
A 21 Gun Salute with a cannon

And, yes, you do have to have an ancestor or relative who fought in the Civil War to be a part of this group.  Bill’s ancestor was Richard Taylor’s brother.  Richard Taylor was a Confederate general who was 3rd in command under General Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy.


Lonesome Dove Cowboy Church

Bill & I also attend a cowboy church.  It is a no barriers church where everyone is welcome to attend as they are.  If you want more information, click here for the church’s website.  And yes, it is named after the tv movie, Lonesome Dove.


Anti – Aging & Skin Cancer

Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, has doubled over the last 30 years. However, it is one of the easiest cancers to prevent, according to the CDC.  But UVA/UVB rays (from the sun) not only cause skin cancers, they also bear some responsibility in aging our skin.  So that is two reasons to use sunscreen.  And it is why I am passionate about taking care of your skin and why I have taken extra training in the skin care field.  I have earned the Anew Skin Care Expert certification.


Avon’s Product Lines

Avon also has a lot of other items as well ranging from jewelry to slippers. It is NOT your Mom’s or your Grandmom’s AVON. We have “bling” for the cowgirls and for anyone else for that matter.  Cute stuff for the kids.  Beautiful and useful items for your home.  Even if your home travels with you around the country.

AND we still have many of the same products that your Mom or Grandmother loved, so they will be happy as well.

Thank you for reading so far.  Please click below to shop on our Avon page or visit our other pages to see what information we can offer you.  Thanks for coming by !

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