Cosmetics Have an Expiration Date — Safety Information

Did You Know That Cosmetics Expire?

Do you know why?  It is not because the cosmetic manufacturers want to sell you more product.  It has to do with bacteria.  This safety information is especially important to pregnant women or women with young babies.

Once you open your cosmetics and start using them, bacteria can start growing. And in this study, the bacteria that grew, was the same bacteria that has been linked to meningitis & septicemia.

So what are we gals to do?  Well, the article stated that we have to be vigilant and get rid of our cosmetics when they have reached the end of their usefulness, even if there is product still left.


Cosmetics & Brushes
Cosmetics & Safety


We also have to wash the applicators that we use in applying our makeup: brushes & sponges.  That also means replacing our little eye sponge eyeshadow applicators (they don’t last very long after “washing” them).

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I have a little free infographic for you that lists cosmetics expiration dates.  I also have a copy of the above article on cosmetic safety and an article explaining  how to clean your brushes.



Yes I want to Know About Cosmetic Safety
Yes I want to Know About Cosmetic Safety


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