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Fun Ways to Celebrate First Father’s Day

For those of you who are wondering when is fathers day?  It is SUNDAY, JUNE 18.  For the year 2017.

Now that you know what day it is, it is time to start planning for Father’s Day.  Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day only became an official (1) U.S.  holiday in 1972.  Mother’s Day was made an official holiday in 1914 (sorry Dad).

Some Fun Ways to Celebrate First Father’s Day - Four Aces Mercantile

First Father’s Day for your Honey

But we aren’t talking about celebrating the first father’s day.  We are talking about celebrating your husband’s first Father’s Day. Or your boyfriend’s.  You’ve brought a beautiful person into the world and, probably, been overwhelmed with the immense responsibility that has also arrived.  And you might not be too worried about how to celebrate first father’s day.

But you should.

I am going to list a few quick and relatively easy ideas for you to make his first fathers day special.  Nothing too elaborate as I know from experience that having a new little one around is quite exhausting.

Fun Ways Celebrate First Father’s Day

  • Go Shopping — LOL I told you this was going to be fun!  Maybe later on down the line, your little one can color a picture or buy a tie for Daddy. But for this first fathers day, the gift is on you.  So go get something that he truly would like that is in your price range.  Even if it is a CD of a music group that you hate.  There’s always headphones!  If you are completely stumped, you can check out what I offer from Avon. I also have a couple of suggestions below.  And remember there’s always gift cards 🙂

  • Continue Shopping — This will be for you, if it is in your budget.  You are going to surprise him with a nice dinner out without your sweet baby.  Call your friends or family to babysit (the ones you trust – this isn’t the night to try out a new baby-sitter).  The nice dinner requires a new outfit, yes?  If your budget doesn’t allow this — how about shopping in your friends’ closets? A pair of shoes from Amy, a dress from Marie, and a necklace from Susie means you have a whole new outfit that your husband hasn’t seen.
  • Dinner Day/Eve — Prepare for this like you might have prepared for your first date with your special man.  That means the works, doesn’t it?  You have to get your hair styled, get a manicure, and get a facial.  I mean this is all about celebrate first father’s day, right?
  • Dinner Night — Go out, give him his gift.  Have dinner, maybe dancing. And for a few short hours, remind him of why he is with you. Remind him that you were first his sweetie before you became his child’s mother. And, please, don’t keep calling the baby sitter to check on your baby.

Overview & Request for Comments

So what did you think? Is this doable for you? Do you think he will find this a good way to celebrate first Father’s Day?  Please let me know what you think.  I know it was very hard for me to separate from my baby when he was young.  And sometimes I forgot about being a wife because I was all wrapped up in being a mommy.

First Fathers Day Gift Cards


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Really Interesting Father’s Day Gift Ideas

For my readers, Tractor Supply is offering this deal for a Propel HD Video Drone was $149.99, now just $99.99 at Tractor Supply! Valid 5/24/17 – 5/29/17. Shop Now!

Or buy him something he REALLY wants — Get $75 Off Winchester eVault Biometric 3.0 Pistol Safe. Use Code 75PISTOL. Offer Ends 9/1/17. Shop Tractor Supply.

Tractor Supply’s Memorial Day Sale is going on now through 5/29/17! Save on hundreds of items including mowers, grills, and safes! Shop Now.

(1)”Father’s Day Turns 100: How Did It Begin?“, Remy Melina, Live Science

P.S. Some of the links above are affiliate links.

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Some Fun Ways to Celebrate First Father’s Day - Four Aces Mercantile

Anew Skin Care Expert
Avon Independent Sales Representatives

How to Stop the Madness & Be Yourself

Burn Out

Stop the Madness Be Yourself Small Business Advice by Gato from Four Aces Mercantile
Be True to Yourself

Yep, we are only on month two of 2016.  And I am in the midst of a winter burn out.  How about you?  Did you plan out your year at the end of 2015?  Are you behind yet?  Be yourself?  Hah !

I just read a couple of articles by Violeta Nedkova that have really resonated with

Avon & Cowgirls DO go together! Upcoming from Avon is Sheriff Callie & her horse Sparky -- Gato
Avon & Cowgirls DO go together!

me. She mentors Creative Rebels.  And if there is one thing that I am is a rebel — I mean a cowgirl who sells Avon?  That should be my picture next to the words “creative rebel”.

Anyway, Violeta just published a blog post where she talks about why hustling for business is bad for you — if that’s not the way you are.  If you aren’t a “hustler” type personality, then don’t try to be one now that you are in business.  It doesn’t come across as authentic, you definitely are not seen as being yourself, and it just results in “burn out.”

Alternatives to Hustling

So what are you supposed to do to get business?

Well, Violeta doesn’t explain that.  She just says we have to get in touch with ourselves and stop beating ourselves up.

I think I will be thinking of things that I have tried this past year that HAVE worked.  Those items that I have enjoyed doing.

Then rinse and repeat.  I might not be doing the things that someone’s book says I should do.  Or I am doing the procedures backwards.  But if they work for me and I enjoy doing these items, then why not?

IRS Forms
Taxes Are a Necessary Evil to Research

This does NOT MEAN that there aren’t things that will still have to be done that I don’t enjoy — like bookkeeping, inventory, etc.

But there are a few things that I have to definitely make time for — working out, healthy eating, spending time with my hubby.  These items may not drum up business for me (however I can always carry extra brochures with me just in case “Avon” comes up), but it will help to prevent burn out.  Thus I will be fresher when it is “business” time.

What tips do you have to drum up business without the traditional hustling?  Let me know below . . .

Cindy Peterson
Avon Independent Sales Representative
Anew Skin Care Expert



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