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The Best Fragrance Perfume for Every Occasion

You wouldn’t wear sweats to date night or an evening gown to brunch, right? Of course not! You choose your outfit based on the occasion. Well, why not do the same with your fragrance? Below, we’ll reveal which scents work for each event – the best fragrance perfume. Get ready to hit all the right notes this season.

Avon Fragrances Femme, Absolute, Prima, Little Red Dress

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Date Night

Avon Femme - get this romantic fragrance from Gato at Four Aces Mercantile

What you want: Whether you’re heading out for a first date with a new guy—or the hundredth one with your husband—you’ll want a killer dress, a great lipstick, and a scent that’s ultra-feminine and super sexy. For that, look for a mix of captivating floral notes, plus sultry touches of woodsy spice.

We suggest:Avon Femme, opens with sweet florals of jasmine petals and magnolia. Rich amberwoods round out the fragrance, turning it into a sexy scent he won’t be able to resist!


Sunday After Church Lunch

Avon Absolute Fragrance - Get it from Gato At Four Aces Mercantile

What you want: After Church, you’ll want something that radiates love, so start with a bouquet of romantic floral notes. Add a dose of positivity with uplifting citrus, then round it all out with a warm, comforting base.

Our suggestion: Today Tomorrow Always Absolute, which, at first, blooms with lush orange flower absolute. Next comes crisp bergamot, adding a bright twist, followed by a spicy hit of sandalwood.


Brunch With Friends

Prima - Get Yours from Gato at Four Aces Mercantile

What you want: Tread softly when you’re going to be hanging out in a crowd—too-strong fragrances can be polarizing. Instead, go for a light scent with pretty, crowd-pleasing notes of fruits, citrus, and soft woods and florals.

Our pick: Avon Prima, a delicate floral-chypre, makes a statement that’s gorgeous, but never overpowering. It starts with juicy plum and zingy bergamot, reveals a whisper-light heart of rose, then finishes with warms notes of clearwood, patchouli, and oakmoss.


Girl’s Night Out

The sassy sister to the little black dress - Little Red Dress from Avon - get yours from Gato at Four Aces Mercantile.

What you want: A fragrance that’s evening-ready, but still fun and playful. For that, look for a mix of florals, deep, woody notes, and juicy fruits.

Our choice: You can’t go wrong with Little Red Dress. Bulgarian rose makes it feminine and pretty, while rich red sandalwood renders it sultry and evening-appropriate. A burst of red raspberry adds a surprising, effervescent twist.

 Best Fragrances for Every Occasion

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So what do you think of our recommendations? What is your favorite Avon fragrance perfume?  Mine is Sparkle which was only released during the holiday season of 2015.


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