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UPDATE 2/09/17 — Well we have survived our first full year with the Zika virus.  How did Alabama do? We had 38 travel related Zika cases, according to the CDC.  Alabama had no local mosquito infected cases.  However, Florida, our neighbor to the south, had 214 cases caused by local mosquitoes.

What you need to know to protect your family this summer (from the Centers of Disease Control):


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 20 Sunscreen Myths

Good Housekeeping recently released an article about 20 myths relating to sunscreen. My info-graphic lists 6 of these myths.  Here are some more myths:

7. Many women are allergic to sunscreen – FALSE. You should be able to tolerate it as very few people have been medically found to be “allergic.”  It could be a reaction to something else you are wearing in addition to the sunscreen.  GH lists in their article some reasons why you might have irritated skin.

8. SPF of 100 means you are 100% protected – FALSE.  No sunscreen is 100% effective.  For 97% protection use SPF of 30.  SPF of 50 only gets you to 98% protection.  And you can’t stack up your SPF effectiveness – this was news to me.  So a moisturizer with SPF of 15 DOES NOT stack with a foundation with a SPF of 15 to get a SPF of 30. 

9. Cloudy days mean no sunscreen required – FALSE.  Around 80% of UVs still get through to your skin.

10. Sunscreen is toxic – FALSE.  No published studies show that sunscreen is toxic.  As for bug spray, the CDC has determined that products with  IR3535 or with Picaridin can be used on the skin.

For more myths on Sunscreen please visit Good Housekeeping’s article 20 Sunscreen Facts to Safeguard Your Skin.

Find out other myths about sunscreen at Four Aces Mercantile http://fouracesmercantile.com/avons-bug-guard-sunscreen-mosquito-repellant-zika-virus-protection/

How Avon’s Bug Guard Can Help

Avon’s BugGuard in the SILVER bottles (aerosol & pump sprays) contain Picaridin. This Bug Guard is designed to be used at sunrise / sunset and after dark when the mosquitoes bite the most.  The silver bottles DO NOT have sun screen.

The GREEN bottles (aerosol & pump sprays) have the active ingredient IR3535. AND it has sunscreen as well of SPF 28-30.

And my personal favorite, is the Bug Guard lotions (white or blue bottles).  These use IR3535 for their active ingredient.  They are hypoallergenic.  And my favorite feature (as well as my husband’s favorite feature), IT DOESN’T SMELL.  The blue bottle goes on blue then disappears — fun for the kids and they might stand still for you to actually apply it.

So far we’ve seen 38 travel related Zika virus cases in Alabama, but those mosquitoes in Florida won’t be staying there forever.  So far in 2017, there have been 3 cases of Zika.  Anyway, there are other diseases that your family can get from mosquitoes.  From 1999 to 2015, Alabama had 254 cases of West Nile Virus.

Bug Guard can also protect your family from ticks and the lyme disease that they carry.  Lyme disease is considered an ‘endemic’ situation in seven Alabama counties.  BugGuard also protects against no-seeums, black flies, sand flies, and biting midges.

Both of Avon’s BugGuard line are EPA registered bug repellents.  Here is a infographic listing our BugGuard Products and their features:

Which BugGuard is Right for You & Your Family?
Which BugGuard is Right for You & Your Family?


Where can I buy Avon Skin so Soft Bug Guard?

Buy Bug Guard
You can buy Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard from my Avon E-Store.  Please register first before shopping and make sure you are shopping with Gato.


What’s your favorite Avon Bug Spray?  Actually my favorite is the lotion.  But my husband likes the green Avon Bug Spray.  Let me know below your favorite Bug Guard product!

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