Working Your Avon Business on a Budget

Handling Your Beautiful Business (Avon) on a Budget

Avon truly is a Avon Business on a Budget. One of the very few businesses where you can get started for only $25.  Yes, that’s not a typo, $25.  I have some other posts about getting your Avon business started on a budget.  This page is about continuing to work your business on a budget (shoestring).

1.  Mailing Campaign Brochures

sometimes people just want a physical brochure to look at but they don’t live close enough to you for it to be feasible to drive and give them a copy.  You could go mail a brochure yourself; I just did that and it cost me a total of $2.35 OR you could hire one of these two mailer outfits and let them handle the hassle and save yourself some time and money:

  •  [8/12/15 – $1.10 per brochure (includes brochure, label, postage, labor)] Consultant Depot, Inc.  [NOW CLOSED Jan 2016]
2. Samples

When you get your kit to begin selling Avon you will get samples of Avon products to share with potential new clients.  If you give one or several, get the potential client’s name and keep track of what you’ve given them.

A great way to keep track of them is by using this Customer_Follow_Up_List  Once you have more than a couple of clients it becomes more difficult to keep track of who has got whatFor a new client, you might also want to make sure they open the sample in front of you so you are sure they are actually “sampling” it.  Samples cost money so you want your clients really trying the samples.

You can purchase samples when you place your Avon order, but Avon does not offer samples of every product they have.  The What’s New flyer often offers samples at a very good discount.  But if you don’t have the money, you are running your Avon business on a budget, right? you  might have to make your own samples.  However, you don’t have to have samples in order to sell Avon — just remind your clients of Avon’s guarantee.

Samples Can be Used for a dual purpose


3.  Signing up People

Signing up a team to sell Avon below you — your downline.  I have posted before about how Avon has Two Ways to Earn; Two Ways to Sell.  Well, signing up people underneath you is one of the two ways to earn — the people that you sign up may not stay, but you shouldn’t let that discourage you.

4. Helpful Avon Videos

A lot of people have made videos on helpful topics for new Avon representatives or for those representatives who want to grow their business:


Here is a list of videos I have found on YouTube that are helpful for new Representatives when you start your beautiful business.

5.  Helpful Avon Phone Numbers
  • Avon Customer Service: 513-551-2866 
  • Spanish Customer Service: 513-551-4000
  • Leadership: 800-323-0516
  • Beauty Advisor: 888-340-2866
  • Fundraising: 800-288-3787
  • Product Info: 800-445-2866
  • QuikPay Issues: 877-784-5729 
  • eRep Cust. Serv. for Direct Delivery 800-500-2866

For a Printable PDF of these numbers so you can print them out and put them in your office area — click here.    

Click Here for Avon Phone Numbers
Click Here for Avon Phone Numbers





Okay that’s all I have at the moment.  I hope these tips helped you!

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