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Secrets to Stop the Anti-Aging Process
Secrets to Stop the Anti-Aging Process

Ten Easy Things You Can Do Today to Stop the Anti-Aging Process

    1. Avoid the sun — you can get a wonderful tan today, but every time you tan (even if you don’t see the burn) you are damaging your skin


    1. Obviously if you are outside a lot (think cowboys), then you need to protect your skin with sunscreen.  Sunscreen helps to prevent aging AND skin cancer.  AND Avon’s BugGuard also protects you from those pesky mosquitoes.


    1. Don’t Smoke.  The repetitive nature of the skin movements required to hold a cigarette, plus the impurities of the smoke itself led to the breakdown of the collagen & elasticity in your dermis and ultimately in your epidermis.  Some studies show that smokers have 40% thinner skin than non-smokers.
Wrinkled Lips / Smoking
This is what my Mom looked like because of her smoking
    1. Practice Sleep Hygiene. Say what?  Get plenty of sleep.  Don’t you have dark circles under your eyes when you stay up late?  Well, what if you constantly are short-changing yourself in how much sleep you get, it will eventually show!  And you should sleep on your back.  Why? Because if you sleep on your side or your stomach — where is your face?  Buried in the pillow lying on an unavoidable cloth fold which gets transferred by pressure to your face.  Can you say, wrinkles ?????


    1. Moisturize. Find a moisturizer to use even if your skin is oily. A moisturized face shows little in the way of wrinkles in the long run. A non-comedogenic (non pore blocking) moisturizer. Avon products range from those in the anti-acne category to the anti-aging category.


    1. Don’t Strip your skin of oils when you wash. That is stripping your face of its moisturizer. So be gentle to your skin.


    1. Eat more Nutritious Items.  Seafood gives you protein which helps you to build collagen. Collagen is used to build the structure of the skin in the dermis layer. No structure = sagging skin. Fish is also high in Omega 3s which help your skin protect you from harmful UV rays.  Fruits & vegetables give you vitamins A & C, as well as anti-oxidants.


    1. Use AHA products (alpha hydroxy acids). AHA’s are over the counter products that contain small amounts of natural acids that work to fix small skin-care problems like fine wrinkles, discolorations, etc.


    1. Use Retin-A or retinols.  Aren’t they the same thing? Nope.  Retin-A is a prescription strength product. Retinol is an over the counter form of vitamin A, without many of the prescription side effects.  Both work on wrinkles


  1.   Use Vitamin C on your skin. Why? Vitamin C helps by neutralizing the free radicals that cause aging.

Free Skin-Care Evaluation

Why do you need someone to help you?  Avon has many different skin-care lines and it can be somewhat daunting to navigate and determine the “right” products for you.  That’s where I come in; we do a few simple tests together and discuss your needs and concerns.  Then we come up with a skin-care plan especially for you.  All of this is at no charge to you.

But if you would like to try Avon’s new skin advisor online program, please go to my Estore at www.youravon.com/gato .  Click on the skin-care link (right above the black bar).  Then click on skin-care consultation which is one the left hand column.

Acne Issues

I was lucky that my Mother felt differently and actually took me to a doctor about my acne issues when I hit puberty and that I was placed on antibiotics and different topical solutions to address my acne problems.  I still had issues, but less issues than many of my relatives in my Mother’s family of her generation.  Thanks Mom.

My Mother’s skin was darker than mine, she was olive toned; I am very pale and take after my Irish ancestors with reddish hair and light skin.  Her darker tone helped to cover her many acne scars and she used pancake makeup to cover the rest.  My Mom looked younger than she was, I have also been blessed with that.

Four Steps = Avon’s Easy Skin Care Regimen

Avon’s skin care regimens usually involve 4 steps 1) cleanse; 2) treat; 3) moisturize; 4) eye treatment.

Personally, I am using the Anew Skinvincible line (50 spf) [moisturizer].  This product is for sensitive skin and has very little aroma.  It is light and non-greasy.  The Night Cream is a little heavier and does not have SPF.  I use the Clearskin Professional Acne Mark Treatment 2-3 times per week as my treatment.  My skin feels smoother, yet it isn’t feeling greasier.

For my eye treatment I have chosen Avon Elements Eye Brightener eye roller. This product is outside the Anew skin-care line.  I picked it as I have few wrinkles around my eyes but I was having issues with bagginess and dark circles — and it seems to be working wonderfully for me.

Avon’s Anew Skin-Care Products for Men Rocks

My husband who is now my co-conspirator in my Avon business, is also using Avon’s products. Bill is using the Anew Men’s Skin-Care — the cleanser and the moisturizer (which also is 50 SPF).  For his treatment, he has picked Anew’s Clinical Infinite Lift Targeted Contouring Serum.

This is the first time that my husband has ever really thought about his skin and skin-care.  And he was reluctant at first; he thought it was a waste of money.  Now, he’s excited!  I see that his skin looks brighter and healthier.  And he is really starting to see a difference in the skin under his chin — it is feeling tighter to him.

Bill Collage
Bill on the left 1 year before trying Anew Men Skin Care

Skin Care Education

As part of my Avon training, I have taken the Anew Skin-Care Specialist online training  offered by the Avon Skin Care Institute.  For that class I got a certificate and a beautiful pin.

I have also attended the in person Anew Skin Care Expert course that was held in Atlanta, by the Avon Skin Care Institute.  These classes allow me to help my client chose the most  appropriate skin-care for his/her needs.

I am interested in skin-care because Acne and pitting and scarring is an issue that runs in my mother’s side of the family, so it has always been a problem for me.  I also have issues with having precancerous moles so skin-care is a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

Summer Tips from an Anew Skin Care Expert

Switch Moisturizer from Cream to Lotion

In the summer, especially if you live in parts of the USA that has high humidity and high temperatures, you might want to switch from a cream moisturizer to a lotion.  You will find it less greasy to your skin which will be greasier anyway due to the humidity.

SPF = Sun Protection Factor

Women and Men for that matter need to also be concerned about the SPF (sun protection factor) that they have on their face as well as other parts of their bodies.  Women should not just rely on the SPF that is in their foundation — see this article from the Centers for Disease Control.  You should try to strive for a total of 30 SPF on your face.

Use your Avon moisturizer that has SPF and then use your foundation with additional SPF.  If you use the Skinvincible day lotion, you wouldn’t even need SPF in your foundation as Skinvincible day has a SPF of 50.  The men’s Anew moisturizer also has a SPF of 50.

You also want to check that your lips are protected as well — most of Avon’s lipsticks and lip balms (which range from girly scents to no scents) have an SPF listing.  In fact, some men take the lip balm and use it on the cartilage on the ears that isn’t covered by most mens’ hats (unless the hats have an all around brim).

Eye Protection

Now that brings me to another question?  Are you using sunglasses?  Do you know that your eyeballs can also suffer from sunburns?  Do you know that you can get moles in your eyes?  Yep, one was found in my eye a few years ago.  The specialist has to keep checking it to make sure it doesn’t grow or change.

So now I am seeing changes in a lot of my skin area that is related to the damage I unknowingly did over 20 years ago.  See my other article — Cowboy Skin Care.

Skin Cancer

Why does it matter?  Well in the last 30 years the rate for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, has doubled.  And since you often cannot tell you have damaged your skin until many years later — a preventative is better than having bits and pieces cut off of you in later life.  Or even worse, having a fast moving melanoma that ends your life.

Makeup Tips for High Humidity

Use Avon’s eyeshadow primer under your eyeshadow to help you keep your eyeshadow on ALL DAY LONG.  And if you have a problem with your skin feeling greasy and shiny under your makeup, try switching to a BB Cream or a CC Cream that is tinted.  If that doesn’t work, then add a makeup primer under your foundation.  (Avon’s primer is called MagiX).


We’ve covered 10 things you can do today to stop the anti-aging process for your skin. I gave you the link to Avon’s FREE skin-care advisor. You can also talk to me for FREE about your skin-care concerns. I shared the skin-care products that my husband and I use. And I gave you some summer tips you can use to protect your skin.

You can buy any of these products through my E-store at www.youravon.com/gato.  Or you can contact me and set up a FREE skin consultation regarding which product(s) are appropriate for your situation.  With the use of the internet, Skype, and phone we can chat about your skin care needs without you having to leave your house.  If you’d rather meet in person, I live in North Alabama and can meet with you within a 40 mile radius of the Huntsville area.

Contact me today!  Your skin is precious!



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Article originally published 8/31/2015.  Updated 3/25/2016.