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Avon Skin Care Line Adds Another

Wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sagging — all add to our skin woes, making us look older than we are.  Avon has been in the skin care business for years. And in 1992 Avon released the Anew Avon skin care line (which addresses problems with aging skin).  Now AVON has a line of skin care products for women of all ages.

Sunscreen/Bug Spray in 1 come visit my EStore www.youravon.com/gato during the summer to get your own Bug Guard
All of Avon’s BugGuard Products

Sun Screen & Bug Spray All in One

A V O N  has a mosquito kicking / sunscreen combo lotion called “Bug Guard” that will make a believer of any Cowboy.  It will not only keep the bugs off of you, but the green expedition and the family lotion has sun screen in it.  Two items in one product.  And it doesn’t smell “girly”.  Bug Guard is only sold during the summer time.








Discontinued Avon Products & Suggested Replacements


What's Out
Suggested Replacement
Avon Care Soothing Cream Cold Cream Cleanser & Rich Moisture Comforting Nourishing Cream *Anew Clean Comforting Cream Cleanser & Mask has similar benefits to the soothing Cream Cleanser
*Nurtura Replenishing Cream, with moisturizing benefits, is a good alternative to the Rich Moisture Cream.
Moisture Therapy Calming Relief Anti-Itch Spray & Intensive Healing & Repair Skin Protectant Ointment *Calming Relief Body Lotion has anti-itch benefits
*Intensive Healing & Repair Lotion has similar benefits to the ointment
Pro Manicure Tool, Lip Brush & other tools *Our nail color and Nail Experts care products.
*Glimmersticks make lip shaping and lining easy, without the need for a lip brush.
Secrets to Keep - Original, Kiss & Midnight Ultra Sexy fragrances: *Lace with fruity notes like the Original
*Secrets Pink includes berry notes that will appeal to Kiss Customers
*Heart includes cherry notes that will appeal to Midnight Customers
Avon Instinct for Her & for Him *Sensual, juicy notes of "Avon Attraction for Her" will appeal to "Instinct for Her" lovers
* Freshness of "Avon Alpha" is a good alternative to "Instinct for Him"
Flor Alegría & Flor Violeta *Avon Femme has floral and fruity notes - Flor Alegría Customers
*Ultra Sexy Pink, with berry top notes - Flor Violeta Customers
Palette & Booklet
Avon’s Huge Makeup Palette plus How to Booklet During 2015 Holiday




Avon Products: Fashion


two gray tweed coats
Which coat do you Prefer? Chanel or Mark from Avon?



William Schulze aka “Four Aces”
Cindy Peterson aka Gato
Anew Skin Care Expert
Avon Independent Sales Representatives

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