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Father’s Day is Coming !

Yep another Father’s Day is coming up.  Do you want to get Dad the same thing that you got him last year?

What????  You don’t remember what you got him?  How about this year you get him something he wants or needs? You might also want to check out the ideas we have for a First Time Father’s Day !



Avon has Men's Items as Well -- Gato www.youravon.com/gato
Avon has Mens Items as well as Womens and kids

Updated 5/16/17


How about Avon? Avon products for men.  YEP AVON !

Well check out what Avon has — it’s not just for Mama anymore !  Please click here to visit our E-Store if something has caught your eye!



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Can We Help You Find Something?

We have a lot of products for men, however many of our products are not published in every brochure.  If there is an item that you want, please let us know and we can help you find it.

Avon Cologne

Avon fragrances for men are some of the best smelling ones on the planet.  One of the nicest things that Avon does is to also have Avon deodorant for men.  That way they can layer their scents and smell absolutely fabulous from head to toe.  And don’t worry — Avon packs their fragrances very nicely for shipping.  And if the wild event occurs, like a bull runs over the UPS man and squishes your package.  Avon will replace it — they have a no worry guarantee.

Avon Jewelry

The Avon watches for men are extremely nice too.  Bill has an Elgin II watch with a blue face that I bought him a few Christmases ago.  Avon products for men are sturdy and nice looking.  What better thing to get than to make your guy look good and smell nice too?  It’s a benefit for you both!

Bill’s Available for a “Guy”s Point of View !

If you are having problems with getting all of your gift shopping done, whether it is for the holidays, for a birthday, or just because,we can help !  Avon is a company for women; but there are a few men Avon representatives.  My husband is one of them.  So if you want to ask his opinion, feel free to contact him.

Another Discount Option for a Gift for the Guy Who Has Everything

Did you know that Amazon has a “scratch & dent” department? Nope?  Me neither.  But they do . . .

 Look at this Quad chair from Amazon with a built-in arm rest cooler  that holds up to four cans on a sturdy frame that supports up to a 300 lb person.  And at a low price because it is used (not abused).

 And if that didn’t interest you — Amazon has a whole section of their site devoted to Dad. Just click to see.


Or Maybe Your Guy Is Looking for Something Totally Different

Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Wrist Watch Wooden Band Wood Brown
How about a watch made out of a whiskey barrel, yep.  A reclaimed American Oak whiskey barrel watch  with a 47mm face. It is water resistant, splash proof. The watch includes a Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement.  The watch band can be handcrafted wood links w double locking fold-over clasp  OR a Brown Cowhide Leather watch band.  The band is 24 mm in width.Band Width 24mm. For more information, please click on the link.



The above watch is an affiliate link for Bourbon & Boots


I hope I’ve been able to show you some neat stuff for your guy or dad that’s not going to break your pocketbook.  Although there might be a few piggy banks broken. 🙂

Have you found any stores or places to buy at a discount for your guy?  Please drop me a line and you can help others who are in search of that ellusive perfect gift for their price range.


Contact Us Today

For the Avon products for men I listed above, I also noted the product numbers.  Please contact us for current prices and to order these products.  Or you can go to our Avon E-store & do a search yourself using the product numbers.  Please note that Avon often changes product numbers as well as items. But that is what makes it so fun!


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