Cowboys & Avon? — Yes, a Unique and Beautiful Match !

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That’s what you will find here at Four Aces Mercantile

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And what is the one product that most Cowgirls are interested in but most Cowboys are not?

Sunscreen . . .

Our Cowboys seem to like the grizzled look that they develop over time.  HOWEVER, us gals know that the sun is NOT our friend.  So how can A V O N help?

Avon has a product with a bug screen AND a sunscreen all in one bottle.  And it DOES NOT smell girly or tropical.  BUGGUARD is only sold by Avon during the summer.  Only one bottle for our guys to keep up with.  No more mosquitoes, no see ums, etc.  CLICK HERE to get your Bug Guard from me and be prepared for summer 2017.




Thank you for reading so far.  We have a lot of items that Cowgirls / Cowboys need.  Cowgirl makeup, fragrances, and skin care.  And most recently, western wear.  You can get all of that here at Four Aces Mercantile.


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I am an Avon Specialist and an Avon Expert in Anew Skin Care. Just right for wearing underneath your Cowgirl Makeup.

William Schulze aka “Four Aces”

Cindy Peterson aka “Gato”

Anew Skin Care Expert
Avon Independent Sales Representatives


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Even Cowgirls like Pink - Get Your Avon Products (like cowgirl makeup) and Western Wear from Four Aces Mercantile -

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